Hairball members

Bobby Jensen (vocalist)

Bobby Jensen is the lead singer of the 80’s Tribute band HAIRBALL and a new Country artist with a style all his own. Some are calling him the new “King of Country Music” with his take no prisoners attitude. Bobby’s debut cd “I don’t like country music” was recorded in Nashville with country artist Rockie Lynne as producer.

While rocking out out to the Kiss classic, ‘Detroit Rock City’, lead singer Bobby Jensen’s beautiful black locks come into contact with some pyrotechnic sparks and his hair catches fire. Of course being the “rock star” he is, he continues jamming!

This Roadhouse Rocker is not to be missed.
It’s not your Grandpa’s Country Music but He’ll wish it was!


The musicians from Hairball take great pleasure in communicating with their fans. They always do so before concerts. Members of the band also communicate with fans in various chat rooms, via social media and even inside stores. Such openness allows them to cnstantly increase the numbers of their fans. The band is becoming more and more popular each year.


Kris Vox (vocalist)

Kris Vox was a former member of the band gemini! He is now a lead singer for Hairball! An 80’s cover/ tribute band. Kris performs songs by Prince, Def Leppard, Queen, Loverboy, Twisted Sister, Journey and so many more.

Joe Dandy (vocalist)

Joe Dandy is one of six of the coolest guys around! The band Hairball is a tribute/ cover band. They perform all 80’s music ranging from Prince to Kiss, and Queen to Motley Crue. Joe goes on stage and sings the best from Motley Crue, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, and even Ozzy Osborne (on a great night).


Happy (lead guitar)

Hairball is just kind of the band that never grew up. Essentially, we do exactly what we did in high school, all of us.

Most of the guys in the band have played in and out of bands in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for quite a while now.

Really, my set list and my stage clothes haven’t changed since I was in high school. We just never grew up. It never stopped being cool to me. I have always felt that a loud guitar through a Marshall amp is always in style and it’s always fashionable.

Some of this music just seems to have staying
power. The cool thing is, it seems like people that might be in their 40s and 50s that went to these concerts, they get a chance to kind of relive all of this stuff. A lot of times we do all-ages shows, and it’s amazing how many 8 to 12-year olds seem to know everything as well, through video games or tv commercials. I’m not sure, but they all seem to know it.

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