Hairball band | The American rock band Hairball

The American band “Hairball” was created in 2000. The members of this tribute rock band cover the hits of “Kiss”, “Queen”, “Motley Crue”, “Van Halen”, “Journey” and “Aerosmith”. Their performances mostly focus on 80’s hits. Despite this, this band’s performances do not only attract older people, but also the youth. In fact, their performances are very popular among people of any age. According to the members of the band, their fans are from 8 to 85 years old. But it is also important to note that Hairball very much stands out amongst other artists performing 80’s songs. They are true fanatics of their craft – they live and breathe this music. They always take great care when preparing for their performances, and each of their concerts is unique.

The band has three vocalists: Bobby Jensen, Kris Vox and Joe Dandy. The band also includes: HBK (electric bass), Billy (drums) and Happy (lead guitar). The band members do not just cover famous songs, but also bring their own twist to them. Their concerts last for over two hours. And for the entire duration of each of them their fans enjoy great performances and exciting shows.

Each Hairball concert is always an event to remember. Because here one can see lights, blood, large video screens, smoke, confetti and even bombs! Also, one can often witness snakes, spiders and other dangerous animals in their shows. Needless to say, the concerts always include great sound and songs that everyone loves.

But the performance that fans remember most of all was held in 2013 in Sioux City. During the spectacular fireworks, vocalist Bobby’s hair caught fire. Yet he remained calm and continued to sing. The other band members on the stage put out his hair without stopping the concert.

The musicians from Hairball take great pleasure in communicating with their fans. They always do so before concerts. Members of the band also communicate with fans in various chat rooms, via social media and even inside stores. Such openness allows them to constantly increase the numbers of their fans. The band is becoming more and more popular each year.